West Linn’s City Council has agreed to purchase Oppenlander Field from the WL/WV School District … if the voters pass a bond measure on the upcoming May, 2022 ballot.

This is a huge step in preserving Oppenlander Field as a recreational city park for generations to come. Thank you to all who have supported us so far!

But like so many things in life, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

• We achieved our first goal – we got both the West-Linn/Wilsonville School District and the City of West Linn to return to the negotiating table.

• Second, we kept the pressure on to achieve a mutually agreeable and beneficial sales agreement between the City and School District.

• Our third effort starts now – Discovering and understanding the desires of city residents who live close to and/or use Oppenlander regularly, but also understanding the desires and concerns of those who live further away, and then preparing the bond measure. This is a months-long undertaking.

• And the fourth phase will be in the spring – educating, engaging, and encouraging our neighbors to vote YES to save Oppenlander Field.

This is a community effort – we will continue to need your help, support, insights, engagement, and encouragement!

Join 2457 of your neighbors who have already signed!