3-582 PASSES! … Thank You!

5/31 – With 96% of the ballots counted, the YES margin has increased to 66.6%.

5/24 – The counting continues, but with over half of the ballots counted and the YES margins holding steady at 60% we are calling 3-582 a PASS!

But even with this victory we are not done yet. We need to “help” the City and School District to complete the sales transaction per the terms of the Sales Agreement. Learn more here

Bond Measure to Improve West Linn Parks and Preserve Oppenlander Fields

3-582 is passing with 61% margin – approx 50% of ballots have been counted.

DateTotal County-Wide Votes CountedTotal West Linn Votes CountedMargin
Mon 5/31111k of 116k9,210Passing – 66.6% in favor
Tue 5/2460.2k of 116k5,078Passing – 60.6% in favor
Mon 5/2357.5k4,938Passing – 60.7% in favor
Sun 5/2247.6k
Sat 5/2136k+3,226Passing – 60.2% in favor
Fri 5/2032k2,540Passing – 59.9% in favor
Thu 5/1923k+2,159Passing – 60.3% in favor
Wed 5/1821k+ of 113k1,159Passing – 59.4% in favor
Tue 5/1710k+ of 92k≈500Passing – 60.3% in favor

Clackamas County voter registrations are approximately 34% Democrat, 28% Republican, with 38% Independent and Others. Excluding Independents and Others, the split of registered Democrats to registered Republicans is 55%. Interestingly, the ratio of Republicans to Democrats of the Clackamas County ballots counted as of Mon 5/23 is 81%. This implies the blurred barcode issue is affecting Democratic ballots more than Republican ballots. We don’t expect a significant difference in party voters on the 3-582 ballot initiative.

Clackamas County is very slow to report results. The blurred barcode issue is requiring manual duplication of ballots before tallying. 

As of Wednesday the 18th, County Elections had received 113.4k ballots representing a 37.1% turnout. Ballots postmarked by the 17th will be accepted for 7 days after the election. There are potentially 306k county voters.

Based on past voter history we expect 5-7k West Linn ballots to be returned in this primary.

What is 3-582?

Measure #3-582 is a West Linn Parks Bond Measure on the May 17th ballot. It includes money to improve parks across the city and will preserve Oppenlander as a park for generations to come.

Measure 3-582 is a $3.5M Bond measure that provides capital improvements to parks throughout the city and funds the purchase of the already improved (soccer and baseball fields) and actively used 10.04 acre Oppenlander Fields parcel from the School District. The interagency purchase price of Oppenlander is only $120,000 … just 4% of the bond funds – the rest of the funds will go toward park improvements.

All of our parks can use some capital improvements. The city parks department will work with each neighborhood on your local park improvement needs.

Oppenlander has been used for over 30 years for recreation and athletics. It serves community baseball and soccer leagues with its three baseball diamonds and flat grassland. It is used daily by walkers and joggers – some with dogs, and by groups of children, youth, and adults being active.

In the absence of this purchase, Oppenlander will become either 35 single-family R-10 homes, or up to 65 duplex units per the new Orgon law requiring cities to increase housing density, regardless of the R-10 zoning. All of these residents will be looking for more park access – and we will have just eliminated the only full-sized athletic fields in the central and north sides of the city.

Donate $100 and get it all back*

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