Save Oppenlander RALLY – tomorrow (Saturday 5/29) at 10:30 am

Come show your support for Oppenlander staying recreational!

Please join your friends, neighbors, and other community members as we gather at the Oppenlander gate to show the breadth and passion of the community’s support to Save Oppenlander!

The City and the School District have both expressed a desire to come back to the table – but they are NOT THERE YET! We need to keep the pressure on them.

Family Friendly Rally – 10:30 am Saturday May 29th.

30 minutes of your time will go a long way in showing our unity.  

We’ve been talking with and have invited the media – there are no guarantees they will come, but a good showing by all of us tomorrow will increase their interest in our issue.

We’ve come find that 10:30 overlaps with the Field 3 ballgame, but we believe it’s in-between the other two fields’ games so if you are one of those families please stay late or come early to join us.

If you have a child who is an athlete, have them wear their jersey/shirt.  

Have your kids make a few signs and bring a few extras!  

We’ll be done by 11am.

COVID Protocols will be in effect – please respect those around you – there is no shame in wearing a mask!

PARKING – please consider parking on Miles Drive (parallels Oppenlander – enter via Santa Anita to Horton – there is a path to the Oppenalnder parking lot.

See you tomorrow!

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