5/27 Community Update #2

A big THANK YOU to Ryan and all of you for pushing us over the 1,000 mark at 11:11 this morning – just over 23 hours since we launched.  
Keep sharing – we’ll get to 1,500 soon! 
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posted the open letter I wrote to the School Board and City Council on behalf of all of us last night. A follow-up letter to the School Board and City Council recognizing the almost 1,100 who are now engaged is going out in a few minutes and will be posted to the website, too. 
In addition to sharing, there are three things you can do to keep us making whirlwind progress.
1) Send an email to citycouncil@SaveOppenlander.org
2) Send an email to schoolboard@SaveOppenlander.org
I am sending messages to them on behalf of the 1,100 of us, but your individual message and personal perspective will have an impact, too.
Both email addresses forward to all of the respective Board or Council members and provides us a copy of your email so we can keep track of the support.
3) Tune in on Facebook Live at 5:30 tonight. City Council is meeting in executive session at 5:30 for 5-10 minutes and has promised a public statement immediately after. The link is: https://youtu.be/-aHVFFBxPJo Please don’t read anything into this event. Let’s just let it play out. 
I requested to make a public comment on behalf of all of us after their remarks. Council will not be commenting before the Executive Session.
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Folks keep asking who I am and how to get more engaged.  
I am Dean Suhr and I have lived on Miles Drive for 26 years. I have some experience with past potential sales of Oppenlander and some neighborhood development “challenges” that turned out better than expected because we were firm, collaborative, and communicative with all of the parties.
I put up the website and only I have access to your email and mobile numbers (a privacy policy will go up when I get a moment or two).
There are dozens already very active from across the community – so please know this is not all me. We need to connect with each other and build a collaborative unified team. Feel free to email me at dean@SaveOppenlander.org and I’ll help facilitate. 
p.s. I’m still looking for someone to help with the web page. The site is WordPress-based.

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