City & School District Come to Agreement!

Thank you for your support! We all worked together to accomplish this huge milestone on the journey to keeping Oppenlander Field a park for generations to come!

In short, the City of West Linn has agreed to a Letter of Intent to purchase Oppenlander Field if the citizens approve a bond measure on the May 2022 ballot. In the meantime, there will be community meetings to better understand the desires of the community for Oppenlander and other city infrastructure.

The City of West Linn issued the following statement on August 17th.

“The West Linn City Council and West Linn-Wilsonville School District have agreed on a Letter of Intent that will allow West Linn residents to vote in the May 2022 election on whether to acquire the Oppenlander property. This agreement will be formalized through a Purchase and Sale Agreement as a next step.

Key points of the Letter of Intent include:
• Purchase price will be determined based on a new market appraisal to be completed by December 2021. The property was previously appraised at $6.5 Million earlier this year.
• If voters do not approve the purchase, the sale contract will be terminated at no penalty to the City and the District will be free to work with other potential buyers.
• If voters do approve the purchase, the property will subsequently be formally designated as a park under Chapter XI of the West Linn City Charter, ensuring it is not used for other purposes without voter approval.
• If voters do approve the purchase, closing would occur by the end of November 2022.

Aug 17, 2021

Please continue sharing and asking your friends and neighbors to come alongside the 2500 of your neighbors who have already signed at

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