School District re-Offers Oppenlander to the City

Great Progress, Thank You WLWVSD Board!

We have been quiet these past few days waiting for the WLWVSD Board to act on our request to re-offer Oppenlander to the City. On Thursday afternoon, June 3rd, they agreed to do just that!

Our focus will now turn toward helping the City respond favorably. This is not an easy or simple ask for a number of reasons. We will be communicating details on next steps later this weekend.

In the meantime please continue sharing and asking your friends, and neighbors to sign up at

Here is the School Board’s statement:

June 4, 2021

The West Linn-Wilsonville School Board met on June 3, 2021 in executive session to discuss the Board’s interest in revisiting a sale of the District-owned 10-acre Oppenlander property to the City of West Linn.

The meeting resulted in the School Board deciding to re-engage in conversations with the City with the primary focus of ensuring that any sale involving the City would be predicated on the property remaining a community park.

While these conversations will continue to be held in executive session, outcomes will be made public.

It’s NOT a Done Deal Yet – We Must Keep the Pressure On!

Please continue sharing and asking your friends, and neighbors to sign up at

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