Voter Pamphlet Statements

One of the most effective tools to inform and guide voters is a written statement in the voter’s guide the County mails to every voter in April with their ballot.

Writing a Voter’s Statement is very simple.

  • Pick a topic or perspective to focus on
  • Be concise … you are only allowed 325 words
  • Submit your statement on time … deadline is 5 pm Tue 3/21 to the County Elections Office in Oregon City (delivered, not postmarked)
  • Submit the proper forms … JCVP-03 is for your statement, JCVP-02 (endorsement) needs to be provided for each additional party listed in the statement
  • Submit the proper fee … based on West Linn’s voter registrations the fee is $350 – cash or check only (no credit cards). Please let us know if the submission fee is a problem.

Form and Official Instruction Downloads

  • JCVP-03 the voter’s guide statement
  • JCVP-02 needs to be signed by everyone listed in the statement

Please feel free to reach out to us for assistance in preparing and submitting your voter’s guide statement.

Please continue sharing and asking your friends and neighbors to come alongside the 2502 of your neighbors who have already signed at

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